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Meditation & Pure Light Blessing

"Illumination Meditation + Pure Light Blessing"

Every Wednesday 7-8 PM  - Open to the Public - $5 per person hosted at the Church of Spiritual Light. (Diksha Blessing)

The Pure Light Blessing is also a part of the Church of Spiritual Light Sunday Service with a group meditation from 9:45 - 10:15 am, just prior to the regular service with Rev. Renee Bledsoe.

The Blessing facilitation on Wednesday nights is shared by Rev. Renee Bledsoe, Joey Stulb, Joanna Salerno and Lin Becker who are initiated to perform the Pure Light Blessing through Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi and are pleased to bring this to Southwest Florida.

Listen to Rev. Renee Bledsoe's Podcast on Sai Maa's Pure Light Blessing.

The doors are being thrown open to the ancient mystery teachings of many traditions. Pure Light is one such gift to the world. Formerly handed down from guru to devotee this esoteric practice was once closely guarded. No more! This beautiful ritual and blessing is now available to all who seek it. The mere fact that so many esoteric practices are being handed down and freely given to the masses in and of itself heralds the status of the spiritual-human evolution of mankind and is a call sign that we are ready for more love and light in our lives than ever before.


The Pure Light Blessing opens your heart and expands your mind so that you can love and connect with others on levels you may not have previously imagined. Get ready to be more than you are now, because Pure Light will help you understand that you are enough right now, much more than enough.

Pure Light Blessing, or initiation, is the physical transference of divine energy, or light, directly into the brain, which initiates the process of Enlightenment. Sai Maa has also called Pure Light: Initiation of Light into the Brain, Initiation into the Supreme Light, and Initiation into the Path of Enlightenment. This transmission of energy, of Light, of consciousness, of Shakti restructures the Brain and brings it into its original illumination. Because of the distortion of human consciousness, the brain consciousness has moved into imbalance. With Pure Light and Brain Illumination work, the brain is brought back to a place of harmony and balance.

Pure Light Blessing is the resplendent Light of the Self, God and Spirit flowing through your soul, transmuting seeds of karma. Pure Light cleanses the mind, heart, emotions and personality of impurities and desires that have stood in the way of inner Truth, awareness, life, and healing. This transformation of brain functions allow your awareness to move into a higher frequency and a deeper state of meditation. Over time this transformation begins to stabilize itself. This means that this state of awakening, this first step of Enlightenment, starts to become permanent.

Through Pure Light Blessing, and the resulting transformation of the brain and karmic patterns, you can move into the vastness of consciousness, where the power of love, of your own heart, starts to reveal itself. With the power of love in your heart it is easier to experience the expression of the Divine as joy.

The experience of receiving a Pure Light blessing is different for everyone. During and after Pure Light Blessing, all kinds of experiences may occur. The more real, the more humble the recipient is, the deeper the Shakti of the Guru penetrates. When you receive Pure Light, you may experience deep peace, a spreading of warmth, or maybe a lightness of being. You may experience a general sense of wellbeing, stillness, or silence, or you may not notice much at all. You may also see Divine Light, which increases your joy for life or meditation. Whatever the conscious experience, the benefits will accrue. Never doubt the efficacy of Pure Light Blessing, for it is a great power, not to be taken lightly.

After Pure Light Blessing, the light of reality has touched your whole being; you have received the Darshan of Divine Light. The experience of Pure Light Blessing transcends all of the states of waking, dreaming and sleeping and moves you into a place of peace, serenity and tranquility. It is this Grace, this energy, that takes you into Divine Knowledge. During Pure Light, the light moves into the midbrain, the location of the deepest and densest samskaras, the memories of past actions or karmas. This light begins to soften the midbrain and transmute the karmas into light. Pure Light also causes the activity of the brainís parietal lobes to decrease and the activity of the frontal lobes to increase. This changes the quality of brain consciousness and the brain itself, and your consciousness is raised. As a result you feel lighter, more open, relaxed and focused. Experiences will change, but the unfolding illumination is permanent. This permanent transformation in the brain has to take place in order for permanent Enlightenment to take place.

Like many other practices which bring Light into the body, Pure Light Blessing was formerly a tightly held esoteric secret among guru's and devotees. The evolution of our cosmos is dependant now upon bringing in as much light as possible and so Pure Light has been made available to the masses.

We are pleased to now offer this blessing to the community of Southwest Florida.

Om Jai Jai Maa

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THE EXPERIENCE OF Pure Light Blessing

I began receiving Pure Light Blessings over a year ago as a way to strengthen my spiritual path. After seeing the incredible results that occurred through my regular use of this ancient technique, I decided to receive the training necessary to bring this healing vehicle into our community, church and professional life. It is an honor and a blessing to receive the gift of Pure Light, and an even greater honor and a blessing to be able to channel this gift to others. ~ David Essel

My wife and I truly enjoyed your meditation last Wednesday night when you introduced us to the Pure Light experience. Wow, is all I can say! I felt very light-headed afterwards. It is honestly the highest high that I've ever felt. The visions that I saw and the emotions that I felt were truly profound. I am eager to learn more about Pure Light and experience it again.- Eric Hughes

How does one express the experience of the Light of Grace Blessing as it flows through our being? For me, it first comes as a gradual intensity, of heat, then calm energy, light and love. Visions of color and images that bring answers to my deepest questions and desires. Then wonderfully beautiful sparks of enlightened moments, through the entire essence of me, raising my consciousness in my human and spiritual being.  ~ Caroline Ravelo

The Pure Light blessing allowed me to go to another place where I found peace, calmness, and celebration at a time when I needed to quiet my mind and heal my heart. I would highly recommend the blessing for anyone as it was truly a spiritual experience. - Kathy Skillas

"I wanted to let you know how the blessing went. It was beautiful. I wasn't sure what to expect so I didn't go into it with any expectations. I felt a strong feeling of warmth during the blessing. After was hard to describe, a very elated feeling.......yet not because I was feeling good about one certain thing, again, I can't really describe it. It was very special and thank you for evrything you do." - Tracy Nemetz

"Receiving Pure Light is like pouring golden light into all the dark places, everything is illuminated, and opened up.. and when that happens there is a discernible shift and connection to everything... within and without." Love, Joanna Salerno

"Pure Light ignites the process of awakening. For me it isn't so much about how it makes me feel, although it is a beautiful exchange, it is what it has opened me up to. I am finding that receiving the Pure Light Blessing has been a very important event on my life's path. My desires and my thoughts are becoming even more purified and I feel that I am reaching new levels of clarity. My dance with the truth has definitely been upgraded." - Renee Bledsoe



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