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Resources & Links

Church of Spiritual Light has created a directory of some of the most inspiring and helpful resources on the internet. These are not just our favorite websites, but truly inventive and interactive websites that can help you truly connect to something that can create shifts in your thinking and open up your heart and soul to all that the world has to offer.


Addiction Alchemy
Addiction Alchemy
is a holistic, self-help journey for addiction recovery, based on the Medicine Wheel model. The Medicine Wheel can help anyone regardless of race, culture, gender or belief system to transform the process of addiction at the core level. It works with any addiction and most especially "hidden" addictions, attachments and other issues that may not be readily recognized as addictions. Lots of interactive features on the site.

Renee Bledsoe
Renee Bledsoe is an ordained minister, ceremonialist, metaphysical healer, Reiki Master, Ritual Master (2nd degree), soul coach and Teacher whose various modalities include energetic chakra clearing and balancing, etheric surgery and negative energy removal, pure light blessing, reiki healing and attunement, soul advocacy, archetypal energy healing, Goddess circles, sacred geometry, medicine wheel, animal tracking, shamanic initiation and sacred ceremony. The soul work also bridges into the physical in her marketing and design company, Weaves the Web.

Happehatchee Center
Happehatchee Center, a part of the beautiful "old" Florida landscape, is an Eco-Spirituality center located in a serene Southwest Florida oasis. Stepping onto this land is like entering a lost, secret world of natural beauty, enveloping body, mind and spirit. Happehatchee has a labyrinth and offers classes, circles and special events.

The Mystical Moon
A place to help you discover the joy of being you! Located in South Ft. Myers, Florida, The Mystical Moon also offers readings, energetic healing, circles and classes.

The Labyrinth Shop
The Labyrinth offers readings, classes, and an array of metaphysical supplies, gifts, and jewelry in Fort Myers, Florida.

Hindu Temple - SW Florida
The Hindu Temple is home to a group of people who are interested in keeping the spirit of Hinduism alive for this generation and many more to come! Started in January 2008, the building is completed now. They have a wonderful painted ceiling  displaying the Dashavatar which is very unique. The building is being used for both Temple worship and for Arts, Cultural, Religious, Community and Educational events for both adults and children.



Intent, as a brand and Web site, aspires to be the most trusted wellness destination for capturing and sharing peoples intentions – personal, social, spiritual and environmental. Stop in and post your intent on this beautiful web wall.

43 Things
People have known for years that making a list of goals is the best way to achieve them. Discover what's important, make it happen, share your progress. Let this website help you find your 43 things.

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers
Every number has a certain power which is expressed both by its symbol to denote its representation and by its connection to universal principles. Numbers have relationships with all things in nature, thus making them supremely powerful symbolic expressions.

Mishkhah is changing the way we approach worship. With Mishkhah as a resource, we have become more thoughtful, prayerful, artistic and poetic as we prepare. More importantly, however, we have regained a sense of excitement and expectation about the worship space and experience we create. If there is a revolution in the church, then Mishkhah is on the forefront of that timely change. As a worship resource, Mishkhah is new wine. I hope that we as worship leaders and liturgists have the good sense and the faith to prepare a new wineskin.

Church of Gnosis
They hold themselves open for that Supreme Mystery to manifest in all its life and splendor in each blinding, eternal moment. This is not a goal—something to reach and obtain, like a degree—so that we may call ourselves "enlightened." We strive to be intensely aware at all times, free from conditioning and expectations, for Gnosis cannot be coerced, only invited, so it may move and dwell in us.

Religious Tolerance
This site is for evangelicals, secularists, religious conservatives, liberals, Deists, Pagans, progressives, Animists, fundamentalists, Atheists, the undecided, the searching, etc. No matter how you describe yourself, you should find your beliefs and practices accurately represented in this website. They do their very best to explain accurately and without bias, the full diversity of religious beliefs, worldviews, and systems of morality, ethics, and values with over 5400 essays and articles of interest.

Oneness Movement Florida
God is falling in love with God in me! It’s the ultimate romance! God and Man are two ends of the same reality, two ends of the same Experience. You could actually say that there is no Experience-r or Experience-d, only the Experiencing, only Divine Awareness. - Rev. Dr. Michael Milner

Oneness Deeksha Blessing
The Oneness Temple which took 7 years to construct was consecrated on April 22/23, 2008. Visit this website to find our about this amazing phenomenon.

Post Secret
A few years ago a man came up with an idea for a website where people could post their secrets by mailing him a home made post card anonymously revealing a long held secret. It's been going on for three years now and has turned it into books, little movies and art gallery displays across the world.

Blue Ribbon Movie
A touching online short movie that will show you just how much of a difference you make.

Simple Truths of Service Movie
An online movie with a beautiful story that will show you the power of doing simple things from the heart.

Social Entrepreneurs
Fast Company honors the worlds leading social entrepreneurs, companies and organizations whose business model makes a difference not only to themselves, but to the world. This website will help build your hope in mankind and our ability to create oneness in this lifetime!

Celebrate You
A subsite of Oprah.com, this is a special resource for self care with motivating articles and interviews with positive role models.

Color Quiz
We took this test (it only takes a couple of minutes) and was amazed at the accuracy of the results. Check it out, it read me like a book!

The Daily Plate
A free, fun and easy way to track what you are really eating. Keep a food journal, a fitness log and look up hundreds of thousands of foods from fruit and veggies to Burger King to calculate the calories you've eaten. Also has support groups and online discussion forums.

With a vision of pandemic delight this is certainly a place to come for some good news. Check out this video based platform for wholesome living, covering a spectrum of alternative lifestyles, serving as a guide to evolution.

Card of the Day
Here's 3 ways to get some quick and fun insight using the power of divination. Connect to your higher self through Tarot, Runes or I-Ching.

A quick and visually appealing guide to Tarot card meanings.

Hero's Journey
Use this online interactive tool to help you write your own hero's journey. Become the storyteller!

A blog is your very own easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. All for free.

Get your own space on the web. Personalize it and stake your little piece of real estate in cyberspace. It's free.

Get a Free Inspirational Poster
Yes, it's really free with only a small shipping fee. These are beautiful posters with very uplifting messages, many from well known authors and spiritual masters of our time.

10 Million Clicks for Peace
Use the power of the internet and this cool new tool to actually SEE how your message of peace, hope and love is exponentially affecting the world! Get your Personal Peace Impact Meter.

WorldWide Telescope
WorldWide Telescope, created with Microsoft's high-performance Visual Experience Engine™, enables seamless panning and zooming across the night sky blending terabytes of images, data, and stories from multiple sources over the Internet into a media-rich, immersive experience.

Affirmations & Channeled Messages
Visit the Creating Your Highest Future Meditation Room. Click on each book to receive a message from Orin & DaBen.

Set Your Intention
If you want to achieve a goal you’ve set, the most critical part of bringing it into being is to DECIDE to manifest it. Use our cool little tool to shout it out to the Universe!

Gimundo means: A place of inspiration, hope and goodness; a better world. Get your daily serving of Good News.

Mind On The Media
Girls and boys (not to speak of women and men) need a definition of beauty that focuses on who they are and what they do, not on how they look. Download the Turn Beauty Inside Out activity kit.

Innovative, social entrepreneurial information and mind blowing concepts on video.

A Course In Miracles
This universal system has helped create a perspective shift and a reality check for millions of people. Lessons now online.

Do One Nice Thing
Some days we're nice, others we're not. Do one nice thing every Monday.

Learning To Love You More
Ok, time to get wild and loose. Visit this site to accept your assignment and then come back and post it for all to see. Assignment Number #63: Make a Motivational Banner and post it large and in your face! or try Assignment #44: Document your feelings by making an EKG type of chart over a period of time and find out how you really feel.

Random Acts of Kindness
This website is all about how to promote kindness and kindness projects amongst individuals and organizations alike. You can even build a free website around your kindness experiences or projects.

Do For Others
Need we say more...?

Divine Whispers
You do not need to be "psychic" to divine for yourself. In fact, all of us are psychic to some degree. We are gifted with intuition--a universal understanding of life which often grants one the ability to make quick and accurate insights, without prior knowledge or experience. Everyone is capable of arriving at an intuitive insight. Divination can help us to develop our intuition and see beyond the surface of any situation.

Tibetan Personality Test
Find out what you're really all about.

Goddess Quiz
This is a fun Goddess site, also with Goddess quizzes and info. Anita Ryan-Revel (my Aussie friend) also has a Goddess Playshop in a box that you can order to start your own Goddess circles!

Create Your Own Prayer
Create your own calling upon to honor the directions. Connect with your spirit guides, angels, elements, ancestors, and animals or archetypes to help you in the here and now!

Dante's Inferno Test
Find out about the levels of hell as found in Dante's Divine Comedy. See what your future holds if you don't change your evil ways, baby.

Kerri Smith
This website is just plain fun! All kinds of cool downloads and printouts for people who want to make their own way an artform!

Moo Prints
Think small, Share big. Turn your artwork or photos into mini cards. Get 100 mini cards printed for about $20. - Give to friends and family or leave them laying around as random acts of kindness.

Post photos and do cool things with them, make cards, collages, phoney magazine covers... just about anything you can think of and share it with the world.

Do the Chakra Test
Chakras, or energy centers, function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of energy through our energy system. The functioning of the chakras reflects decisions we make concerning how we choose to respond to conditions in our life. We open and close these valves when we decide what to think, and what to feel, and through which perceptual filter we choose to experience the world around us. To find out what the state of your chakras are take the chakra test.

Wild Things Photography
This is one of the most amazing wildlife photographers of our time. I have no idea how he gets these shots! Get ready to enter the animal kingdom, especially if you like wolves, eagles and whales.

Pattern On The Trestleboard
Read this every day from top to bottom. Then start at the bottom and read it from bottom to top. Do this every day. If you do nothing for yourself beyond this one thing, you will shift your energy in subtle and pervasive ways that you may not yet even be able to to imagine...

Do the online Finger Labyrinth Meditation
Can't find a real labyrinth to walk or take a trip to one? Walk one online. This is a wonderful way to calm your mind. It really works!

Tour an Interactive Labyrinth
Can't find a real labyrinth to walk or take a trip to one? Walk one online. Here you'll be able to release your junk, and bring in good stuff! This is a complete interactive journey.

Free BrainSync Guided Meditation
Adjust your brainwaves to tap into the power of your consciousness with these guided meditations.

Watch Short Inspirational Flash Movies
All kinds of motivational, inspirational and mood lifting online flash shows from nationally known authors...very powerful!

Light an Online Candle
Yes, you can really light a candle online, make a message and send it off to bless the lives of friends and loved ones.

Say A Prayer, Invocation or Affirmation
An interactive website filled with invocations, celebrations, adorations and meditations. Spin the prayer wheel.

Have A Gratitude Ceremony
This is a site that facilitates an online process called the Gratitude Ceremony, where you choose someone in your life that you would like to honor with a collection of gratitude messages from people that love and appreciate them.

Living Rocks
If you can't see these amazing rock displays in person the next best thing is see them online. Living Rocks expands horizons by performing what seems impossible.

Grace Cards
Cheryl Richardson's Grace Cards are now online. Go there to draw a card for inspiration, affirmation and guidance.

72 Names Meditation
Get your daily consciousness tune-up with the 72 Names Meditation Tool.

Admire Garbage as Art
See how a little ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and humor can help solve and create awareness of an insidious social problem!

Leave a Book Trail
Go to BookCrossing.com and get a book ID, write something in the book and leave it for someone to find, then log back in and post where you left it. Your book now has a trail. Other people can login and see where books have been placed in their city and leave a message on the site about how they found it and their own thoughts.

DrugFree Memorial
Read and/or create a memorial website for anyone in your life who has died as a result of addiction. This is a very powerful website to experience, especially if you are in the breaking denial stage. My brother, Steven Hutson's memorial is there.

Join Addiction Alchemy e-List and receive a daily dose of intuition, inspiration and affirmation right to your inbox.

Sound Walk
Take a fun and informational "sound walk" across California.

Listen to Nature
There are over 400 sound recordings of animals in their natural habitat archived on this website.

Receive a daily article, horoscope or music info in your email. This is one of the most consistently powerful inspirational email messages that I receive.

Color therapy is very powerful. Learn more about you and the colors you are drawn to. Click on the bottle that you are drawn to and reveal all!

Try the Makeover-o-Matic interactive tool to find out your best look. Very fun and you can even upload your own photo.

You Tube
If you want to get a bird's eye view of what's going on in the world, check out You Tube's video's. You can even make and post your own with nothing but a webcam. It's free!

Ancient Arcade
An interactive and fun way to learn a little bit about mythology.

Interactive Dollhouse
Very cool interactive dollhouse making for the 21st century.

Buy a cool T-shirt for a good cause
All the sales from our Addiction Alchemy gear shop will go toward providing more outreach programs.

Kai = change - Zen = to become enlightened
Learn ancient Japanese secrets of Kaizen to better manage time and the entire experience of your life, for that matter!

A Pale Blue Dot
Check out this photo of the Earth taken by Voyager 1 in 1990 as it sailed more than 4 billion miles in deep space. From Voyager's vast perspective, the Earth was captured as a infinitesimal blue dot suspended in a golden ray of light.

The Cosmic Path
Learn about the energies of the cosmos which are supporting our human/spiritual evolution through weekly channeled writings. You can subscribe to astrological and energy alerts.

What's Up On Planet Earth
The purpose, desire and passion behind What’s Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing. You can subscribe to energy alerts.



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